The PACET Corporation offers a variety of professional services tailored to the emerging needs of development in the world’s developing countries, by providing planning, design, assessment and capacity development services in various sectors. We are dedicated to continuously providing outstanding professional services while striving to meet and exceed clients' expectations.

The PACET Corporation was founded in 1990, and provides professional consulting services to public and private organizations in developing countries through Official Development Assistance programs.  In particular, we promote a consistent approach to incorporate solutions “from planning to implementation”, especially for regional development, urban and infrastructure development, facilities planning and design and project management.

In our time “management” has become increasingly significant to solve various problems in the world going beyond the borders of public sector, private sector organizations and local communities whether in the developed or developing countries.  In our project activities, such as planning, management, and consensus building among stakeholders, “management” is a prominent part of our services to meet expanding business needs to achieve successful outcomes and sustainable development in services.

The PACET Corporation intends to continue their ambitious work in the field of consulting services, while retaining awareness of the important role of management, and meeting the challenges of individual business professionals in order to contribute to social improvement and development.

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